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Gogirl! Magazine

  • 63/April 2010


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  • Fashion Tips
                ✿Tips for Cardigan                                  ✿Tips for Coat                                     
               ✿Tips for Boots                                          Tips for the Skinny

                ✿Tips for Street Fashion                         ✿Tips for Scarf 

                ✿Tips for Leather Jacket                        ✿Tips for Socks

  • D-I-Y Accessories
               ✿Necklace From Mom's Stuff                  ✿Flogold and Necklace                           

                ✿Jeans Necklace                                         ✿Ribbon Bangle

                ✿Maroon Shoes

  • Fashion Tag of The Week



  • Fashion Tag Featured Homepage (10 April 2013)


  • Fashion Tag Featured Homepage (16 April 2013)



Cita Cinta Magazine

myOyeah's Website

  • Your Style

           *read the full article here*

Aneka Yess! Magazine
(13-26Januari 2013) 

MY WORK for...

  • Accessories Wardrobe, Photo Director (September 2012)
  • Model's Lookbook (Maret 2013)

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